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Mulligan Treatment Belts and Straps

An innovation in the Mulligan Concept is the use of specific self treatment straps for the cervical and lumbar spine. For those familiar with the Mulligan Concept the straps replace the use of towels for self mobilisation and can be used very effectively to restore pain-free range in all directions for cervical and lumbar movements. Patients can be quickly taught to use these belts, which then create a highly effective and specific home treatment programme for maintaining the effectiveness of the therapist intervention. These straps provide an effective means of isolating the mobilisation exercise to a specific motion segment. Having first shown these straps in Australia in 1999, there has been unprecedented demand for them and excellent feedback as to their usefulness in the clinical setting. A clinical trial has also demonstrated the effectiveness of the straps in the management of C1/2 dysfunction in cervicogenic headache. In addition we supply manual therapy treatment belts to assist the therapist with mobilisation techniques. The straps and manual therapy treatment belts are low cost and are available in Australia only from Manual Concepts.

Please note there is no additional cost for postage to Australian addresses. For international orders there is a surcharge of $35 per order

Cervical Strap


The lumbar strap and manual therapy belt both cost $88 for 3 and the cervical strap $77 for 3 (inc GST & postage). Each strap is supplied with a patient information sheet. Straps and belts can only be ordered in multiples of 3 or 10, with a minimum of 3. Bulk order purchases receive a discount. If you buy 10 we provide a further 2 for free.

If you are interested in ordering any treatment belts or straps please simply order online or contact us by E-mail: info@manualconcepts.com