Module 4: Physical treatment of thoracic disorders

Manual Concepts · March 17, 2021

This Online course provides a comprehensive approach to the assessment and physical management of people with Thoracic spine and rib cage disorders. 3 video Presentations of varying length are followed by extensive Additional Reading material available to download. Each section has an accompanying Handout. There are also Practice Points which are designed to enable you to review the clinical application of the course to increase confidence, understanding, and clinical application. A final short multiple choice Quiz covering the course material is provided to evaluate participants understanding at the completion of the course.

Start the course by clicking on the first presentation: 1.1 Introduction to physical treatment of thoracic disorders. You can download the handout as a pdf to accompany the presentation. After watching the presentation, download the additional material that you want to read at your leisure. You can then move on to the next lesson. Please note that lessons must be completed in order. To summarise:

  • Click on the first title (1.1 Introduction)
  • Download Handout to accompany video presentation
  • Download readings (optional)
  • Complete Practice Points where provided (optional)
  • Move to the next section (1.2 Examination)

Take your time and enjoy the course! Please feel free to contact us with any feedback.

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