Physiotherapy courses worldwide

Manual Concepts is a specialist training organisation offering high-quality professional development courses for physiotherapists around the world.

Our flagship Certificate in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy (COMT) is an integrated and thoroughly modern, evidence-based approach to orthopaedic manual therapy of the spine, pelvis, as well as upper and lower limb. The course can be done in one 4-week period or split into two 2-week periods within a year.

Our Certificate in Spinal Manual Therapy (CSMT) is typically 8 days and focusses on managing spinal musculoskeletal disorders incorporating a range of manual therapy concepts.

In 2024, we’re teaching in Malaysia, France, The Netherlands, Italy, Hong Kong and more.

Our 2025 CSMT course in Perth, Western Australia is now available – register before it sells out!

Our online courses continue to be available. These are best done in combination with a face-to-face course or as a refresher. If you want a comprehensive learning package, you can get a 25% discount on the bundle of 4 online spinal courses covering the Certificate in Spinal Manual Therapy course.


Manual Concepts Online Courses