Online Course – Module 2: Physical treatment of headache


An Online course to improve evidence-based physical management of headache. Click the link “Read More” below for further information & to register


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An Online course designed to improve assessment & physical management of headache. Click the link for a brochure Brochure-Headache-module-2

Take this opportunity to improve your knowledge and skills in the physical management of neck related headache. This 6 part course includes evidence-based evaluation & management of neck related headache incorporating manual therapy and exercise. Manual therapy is not effective for all forms of headache, so an important aspect of this course is classification of headache disorders. Each part includes a video presentation accompanied by a downloadable handout. Sections also include a downloadable Practice Point, where appropriate, which encourages greater understanding and clinical utilisation of the presented material. There are also extensive additional reading materials available to download. At the end of each section is a multiple choice quiz that must be completed before moving onto the next section. Participants have the opportunity to ask questions from the presenters. For more detailed information please download the brochure.

Once you register for the course you will be able to start and complete the course in your own time. The course will be available to you for 4 months. Each presentation can be viewed up to 4 times. A certificate will be provided at the end of the programme once completed.


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